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10 Reasons Why Hedgehogs Make The Best College Pets

As someone who owns a hedgehog, I’m a bit prejudiced in saying they’re great faves. I’ve had my boy, named Hogwarts, for five months now, so I feel comfortable giving you an accurate assessment. * All prints are from the awful life of my stylish friend Hogwarts. 

  • They’re simple enough to take care of

Hedgehogs do need a fair quantum of room to run around in, still, nothing that’s unreasonable. Must-plutocrats for their coops include a close-handling wheel (so their bases don’t get wedged), a type of coverlet (there are tons of options, but I prefer fabric), food, and a water bottle ( tone-explicatory), and some type of heating! Of these musts, heating is surely the most important. Hedgehogs need to stay between 72 and 80 degrees so if your house isn’t the warmest (like mine!) also heat lights are the way to go, and easy to use! 

  • They’ve their own personalities

This shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve ever possessed a pet before, but creatures have their own unique personalities! Hedgehogs can be temperamental if not treated right or if they don’t know you, but they can also be relatively funny creatures! My experience has been that my hedgehog will act grumpy if I wake him up when he’s napping, or after a bath! 

  • They’re low-odorous creatures

Unlike guinea gormandizers or hamsters, hedgehogs tend not to stink! The only reason this would be an issue is if their coverlet is in need of a change. Thus, I tend to recommend fabric as it’s easy to wash and reusable! The largest hassle I’ve had turned into with fuzzies moving into Hogwarts Quills.

  • They’re not bad with other creatures

While I don’t recommend having your hedgehog alone with other faves, I’ve planted they’re okay to be together! My pussycats were curious about Hogwarts when I first got him, still after getting poked formerly, they now leave him alone. The closest they get to him when he’s out is to try and steal his food! 

  • They’re quiet creatures 

Hedgehogs tend to be nightly creatures. there’s no issue with waking them up during the day – your hedgehog might be grumpy for a little bit, however! At night I’m more likely to hear Hogwarts on his wheel than to hear him make sounds. The loudest sound you’re likely to hear is the hiss-suchlike sound hedgehogs make when they feel hovered. 

  • They don’t suffer separation anxiety like other creatures 

 Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and don’t bear constant attention. They’re okay if you don’t spend time playing or relating with them every night, still, this is a great way to grow your relationship with them! I try to spend some time with Hogwarts every night, still, occasionally it’s not possible! 

  • Your musketeers will love him! 

All my musketeers have fallen in love with my hedgehog! Every time they come over, holding him is their top priority. print shoots are a must! My hedgehog has his own Instagram where we post funny films about him! 

  • They’re great with kiddies! 

Retaining a hedgehog is a great responsibility, but I’ve planted that they’re great with kiddies. I’ve sisters who are six and eight and “ Hedgie” as they’ve named him, is great with them. I don’t let them take him out when I’m gone, still, they’ve become pros at picking him up when I’m home! Losing him like a chip in salsa has been my system of tutoring them to pick him up duly! 

  • They take similar great filmland! 

 Print shoots are a must! I recommend taking them so you can look back and see how important your hedgehog has grown, plus it’s too lovable! You’ll find yourself taking film land of them doing everything from running on their bus to eating their food. My hedgehog indeed has his own Instagram for when he’s being funny or cute! 

  • They’ll always be there to make you happy

When I’m having a crappy day, Hogwarts is the place I go to. Hedgehogs are so funny with some of the effects they do, and always cheer you up! Indeed when they make you frenetic-suchlike when Hogwarts pooped on my book, it was still the strip thing he’d done! 

Still, it doesn’t give you enough reasons to get a hedgehog. nothing will! If you’re interested in seeing further of my boy Hogwarts feel free to follow him on Instagram: @Hogwarts_the_Hedgehog, If these reasons and filmland.

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